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Marielle Anger-Leroy

Marielle Anger-Leroy joined Servier in 2015 as Biotechnology Industry Development Director. After her PhD in molecular and cellular biology (1994), Marielle has acquired various skills in different fields (biology, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical development, process development and optimization, bioproduction, clinical batches manufacturing) while working in several companies: LFB, GenOptics, Genset, Innothera and Synthelabo.

Today, she is in charge of a cell therapy CMC team, working in CAR T-cell field, and collaborating with CellforCure for trial batches manufacturing and with MaSTherCell for process optimization-industrialization.

In parallel, Marielle Anger-Leroy brings her expertise to the CMC development of recombinant proteins (i.e. from Cell Line Development up to Drug Product manufacturing) for several partnership projects. She is also involved in the implementation of some facilities dedicated to recombinant proteins manufacturing: CMC process development & industrialization, as well as manufacturing of Drug Substance & Drug Product (BIO-S building located at Gidy site- Loiret).